It may still come as a surprise, but never any less frustrating! The arrival of our monthly period can wreak havoc with our mindset, our motivation and our exercise regime. Here are some period hacks to help you out next time you’re ready to rage!

Weight lifting woman - Clean and press. Period hack

Change up your exercise plan

Rather than sacking off the week’s exercise plan completely, why not re-frame how you think about exercise and go for something hard-hitting as our first period hack. A boxing session can be an excellent way to take your mind off of PMT and channel the painful periods. Alternatively, book a little hot yoga session and sweat off the calories with a restorative session of stretching and honour your body by slowing down the pace.

Got a sweet tooth? 

Why not plan your sweet fix in advance with O cal Jelly and a tropical fruit salad or swap for dark chocolate. You can get different percentages of pure cocoa to milk ratio for the die-hard dairy milk fans. Whatever you crave to manage your PMS, try to have it when you aren’t most hungry so you don’t self-sabotage your hard work.

Plan your meals

Food prep always wins and getting excited about the lovely meals you prepare in advance beats the rushed and unsatisfying panic buy to stop the hangry rage. Not only is it a period hack, but a sage piece of advice in general – that cooking fresh and avoiding processed foods during your period can reduce bloating and can replenish your energy stores – particularly protein-rich foods such as fish, avocados and nuts.

Don’t add junk food to the shopping list

Buying the stuff that you depend on for that binging fix is sure to derail you if it lurks in the cupboards. Don’t make it easy for yourself by having it at arm’s reach! If you use a calendar tracker for your periods, that notification we get that tells us to expect its arrival in 3 days is the perfect time to plan some feel-good meals and do the shopping before we go into hibernation mode!

Schedule time for a bit of something else that makes you feel good

Bingeing Netflix, a new pair of PJs or a fakeaway, get in the habit of treating yourself in ways that don’t derail your hard work. Alternatively, just get an early night! Your body will thank you for it.


Obviously! Good for the mind, body and soul and with over 80 classes a month at SKPT – you’ve got no excuse. Don’t forget you can bring a friend every Friday too, all you have to do is fill out our short form and someone will be in touch to confirm your place!

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