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Summer is finally here and we want you to keep living your best holiday life with these top tips, whilst making time for fitness. So here are some of our team’s holiday workout suggestions for you to continue on the path of life-changing thinking and a body you’re proud of whenever and wherever you hit the beach this year.

Top tip 1: Manage your expectations

Yes, it would be great if we could all jump out of bed with the energy and vigour of Rocky Balboa before descending the steps of our holiday hotel, but the reality is if you’re having late nights on holiday socialising, having fun and enjoying meals with family or friends maybe you should think about what tomorrow’s routine could look like and make a plan!

Top tip 2: Check out your holiday destinations for exercise-friendly environments

Whether you’re ‘staycationing’ or taking to the skies and flying over to the med – have a look at your accommodation to see if they offer a gym or workout area. If they don’t, not to worry, take the time to have a look at the surrounding area on Google maps and see if there is a route you can walk or jog before it gets hot in the morning, or in the evening before you hit the resort disco.

Top tip 3: Think about the rewards

It can be very easy to slip into the mindset of our workout being the green light for a full blow-out on holiday. If you want to go on holiday without having to think about exercise and fitness, that’s absolutely fine – everyone is entitled to a break and the freedom to shape their own fitness journey! However, if you are hoping to train on holiday, remember these top tips and that even exercising every day doesn’t negate the fact that there may still be effects of overindulgence.

Top tip 4: Go for the easy wins!

Training on holiday isn’t meant to be stressful, so think about the easy ways you can keep up your fitness efforts without feeling like a failure. 

A daily trip to the supermarket or the beach, walking where you can to see the sights rather than hopping on public transport or by car, opting for laps in the pool instead of the spinning bike and taking the stairs instead of the lift and dancing for at least three songs at the bar after dinner are all little moves you can make that keep you active and stress- free. 

Most importantly – enjoy yourself while doing it! 


If you’re still stuck for inspiration, why not check out this full guide, or follow this list of 10 moves you can do without weights:

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