With the kids finishing school, parents are bracing themselves for a long, hot summer. We know that the stress of having the kids at home can be an easy way to derail our motivation and exercise can slip to the bottom of every parent’s list.

We’re here to provide you with some easy and actionable activities to get the kids involved, making sure you keep up the good work. We want you to end the holidays feeling fit – not floundering under the pressure of having the kids at home 24/7. Read on to check out our top ideas!

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  1. Attack an assault course
  2. Complete a family challenge
  3. Set the goals for the summer
  4. Include the kids in your normal workout routine

Attack an assault course

Want to have you and the kids in stitches? (Maybe for different reasons). Try out an assault course and push yourself to your limits. Whether it’s a DIY job at home, pulling all the cushions off of the sofa and mattresses off the beds for an afternoon of energetic havoc, or you sign up for something at your local outdoor aerial heights activity centre. An assault course is a healthy dose of endurance testing and exercise, it’s also a way to encourage the kids to reach new heights.

Complete a family challenge

Family challenges can be great for healthy competition! Why do teenagers always respond to a healthy wager of being able to do something they want in exchange for beating a parent at something? Think about challenges you could set during the holidays and what the grand prize might be for the “season’s” winner. It could be the most burpees completed in a week, the fastest time to the top of the monument in Tandle Hills or the most jumps on the trampoline in a minute. Get the whole family involved in thinking of ideas and have some fun pulling one out every week during a grand reveal at dinner time. The kids will be hooked on the excitement of it – either that or the thought of beating mum or dad!

Set the goals for the summer

Our members often come with a goal in mind, whether it be improving their form, their fitness or their mental health. Having a goal can be great to share with the kids and show them that anything worth having is worth working for. So, why not ask yours to set a goal or two as well? Something they can work towards achieving over the 6 weeks holidays – maybe alongside you completing the 6-week changer starting on 1st August!

Include the kids in your normal workout routine

We know that little ones pick up and observe most things they see parents, carers and siblings do. So why not get them involved in your normal workout routine? Explaining the exercise you’re doing and encouraging them to join in or hold a pose without laughing while you finish a set is a great way to demonstrate exercise is a healthy, fun and important part of life. Maybe even get them to be your DJ if they’re old enough to pick some tunes for you to power through your routine.

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