How many fitness myths and “facts” have you been told, or have you picked up over the years? Those golden rules about the best ways to lose weight and get fit? Hundreds? We certainly get asked lots of questions about the fitness myths clients have heard about weight loss and a lot of the work is debunking some of that useless information to make way for some foundational starting points that seem simple, but many of us simply don’t enforce. Read on the find out more.

Everybody is different

Yes, it absolutely is! The moment you realise that you will feel an absolute sense of freedom. The mistake many people make is thinking that having a different body type to the next person makes them unchangeable and as though nothing can be done for them. That is absolutely untrue. 

The second thing is that fitness is not the same thing as physique. Physique refers to the form or structure of a person’s body, fitness refers to the condition of being physically fit and healthy. Two people can have the same level of fitness but completely different physiques – and that’s okay. Stop idolising body shapes that are not yours.

You have to do the fanciest training techniques for the best results

You might not like hearing this but training is pretty easy, and repetitive. The mental barriers about why we should or shouldn’t keep going are what tend to be hard. The same foundational exercises, with added weights or pressure, are typically the essential movements we need to see shifts. 

Fad claims of “overnight success”.

Believe us, the biggest shift you need to achieve is the one in your mind. Investing hundreds of pounds on super “new” and “innovative” techniques really won’t make you lose weight any quicker. Just like working a job or doing the housework; exercise is another necessary evil and one that if done regularly, can prevent you from massive health complications later in life.

“Fitness is a lifelong journey, not a 30-day challenge”.

When international fitness coach Jonathan Goodman wrote that sentence, we couldn’t have whooped and cheered more! Human nature is built in a way that when we start to see results we take our foot off the pedal. 

We are such creatures of habit that we pine for our easy ways of living and are often – if not always dazzled by the glitz and glamour of the outcome but have no interest in the journey. Bad days don’t get likes. 

The thing is, you’re on the planet for longer than 30 days, so why would you think your health only requires 30 days of attention? Yes, challenges and courses can be a great place to start, but maintenance is where the true work begins. What would it take for you to invest in a forever plan for your health? Think about how exercise becomes normal not an exception. 

Drink water.

People cringe and wince at the mention of it, but it is literally the nectar of life. Again, people come to us and try to find any and every loophole out of the very basic but very necessary actions that need to happen every day. 

Walking more, eating fruit and vegetables with every meal and DRINKING WATER are three of the simplest changes you need to make right now. Today. Not later, or next week, or after a coffee. You will be amazed at how much of a difference you feel from implementing these three things after a few weeks.

The best investment you could ever make is in your body.

Why is it so easy for us to buy material things yet any mention of actually investing in our long-term health takes such a long time for us to justify? Literally, the thing that serves us from sunrise to sunset, every day, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day? The average person lives 26,517 days and how many of them are you willing to dedicate to looking after the body that will see you through it all? Some serious food for thought (pun intended).

We’d love to know the commitments you make to your fitness, why not tag us in your post or drop us a line if something here hits home? 

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