Anything new can be scary. Even if you’re not new to exercise, trying a new approach – or finding ways to renew an old one can take getting used to and practising. Often people say they are nervous about asking questions related to exercise – we say – ASK AWAY! It is the most effective way to learn. To help you decide if SKPT is the right choice for you, we’ve answered some questions from the public that can hopefully help you take a step in the right direction too. 

I’m not fit, will each exercise be adapted for me?

We generally don’t focus on cardio at SKPT, that’s not to say you cannot do it in your spare time. We encourage topping up your gym sessions (which happen three times a week) with additional movement. That could be running up and down the stairs at work, going for walks in the morning or after tea or a cycle at weekends. If you feel unfit, just know that everything we do is to help you get fit. Unless you have a medical reason why you cannot do a particular exercise, we ask that everyone tries it. We think you’ll be surprised about what you will achieve and the shift in your general fitness over a matter of weeks.

Do my progress photos have to go on social media?

Absolutely not! We often hear members talking negatively about the numbers they see on the scales, and for that reason, we encourage visually documenting your transformation journey. Not only does it help you regain perspective on how well you’re doing when you commit to exercising, but it is also proof that weight loss alone is not what you should be aiming for to consider yourself “fit”. We also advise taking weekly measurements alongside this as often inches can be more accurate than scales alone, but these are purely for you and us as your trainers to help you measure progress. Nothing is posted online without consent.

What’s the diet plan?

Our plans do not consist of boring foods. We don’t like it, we wouldn’t expect you to like a boring, repetitive food plan either. You can use sauces and pretty much anything you want – all we ask is that you keep track of what you eat within your calorie allowance – and be honest about it!

Will I be starving?

You definitely will not. The truth is, for a lot of people in rich countries like the UK – you’re probably greedy and actually misread your body’s signals to the brain for you to drink MORE water! We provide everyone with a personalized nutrition plan that includes more than enough food for each and every person on the programme. You might even find that you can’t keep up with what you’re asked to eat each day. You’ve been warned!

How much does it cost to join?

The cost for the six-week changer is currently £225 for six weeks. A £75 deposit is required to secure your place and the balance needs to be paid by the first day of your programme. We do also offer finance options to pay at a pace that suits your financial means -this is available at the checkout when purchasing on the website. For that price you get a tailored nutrition plan, three exercise sessions a week led by a professional personal trainer, a welcome pack with hints, tips and guidance from our team of professionals, access to our Facebook community and unlimited support from our team. 

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