We’re here talking about anxiety this week, or “gymxiety” as many members have called it. Even if you’ve been going to the gym for ages, or it’s all new to you- you can still experience a sudden pang of anxiety about going to the gym or an exercise class. Sometimes the pressure of improving your performance, feeling unfit, or feeling alienated in a class you’re attending for the first time in a while can make you feel overly anxious and worry about achieving your fitness goals. This article should leave you armed with some tools to overcome the fear and choose fitness instead, every time.

What is gym anxiety?

Gym anxiety refers to the feeling of panic, despair, anxiety or fear about going to the gym. The feeling is often triggered by not feeling capable, out of your depth or like you have a long way to go to reach your goal.

Common reasons for experiencing gym anxiety

People can experience gym anxiety for many reasons, some of the most common reasons are due to feeling; unfit, overweight, incapable, or lacking understanding of how to use the equipment to best reach individual goals.

Importance of addressing gym anxiety for a healthy fitness routine.

For some people, the overwhelming sense of anxiety can leave them avoiding the gym, when in fact, regular gym goers experience an improvement in their mental health overall and exercising regularly can decrease early age death. Left unaddressed, anxiety can immobilise people from doing anything about their health, leading to a severity of health concerns at a later date that could have potentially been avoidable.

Causes and triggers of gym anxiety

Some causes of gym anxiety can be; seeing people in better shape, concern about changing at the gym or your appearance in gym clothes, in addition – having no knowledge of how to use the equipment in the gym effectively. If any of these sound like you, read on to hear our suggestions on how to tackle your triggers.

Overcoming Gym Anxiety: Strategies and Techniques

Mental Preparation

Mental preparation is a big one for a lot of our clients. Many have avoided the gym for years and have struggled with the restrictions of a calorie-controlled diet. We do regular check-ins with all of our clients whether they’re on a six-week changer or a monthly member, we pride ourselves on being present and open with you as you navigate and battle those fears. For members that want to elevate their exercise, confidence coaching is also available as requested by our amazing partner – Dionne Anderson Creative.

Setting realistic fitness goals

Unrealistic fitness goals can be a massive cause of disappointment and anxiety if you’re just getting back to or starting at the gym. Nothing worth having was won overnight and tracking your progress is crucial if you want to see success along the way. Mini-goals and an overall focus on wellbeing rather than the scales really help with this!

Creating a Support System

Our members will tell you that they love the network of support in person and in our private members Facebook support group. It’s literally why some people come back time after time. The support of trainers and other gym goers is second to none. We also offer a ‘Free Friend Friday’ session, to allow you to get a taste of the atmosphere in the gym and put those fears to rest. Even if you come to the gym on your own, you can be sure you will have made friends by the time you leave, and if you’re really nervous our team are on hand to check-in with you before and after the session.

Utilising distractions such as music or podcasts

If you’re not quite ready for the group scene, or if you love our community but want to boost your exercise outside of classes, music or podcasts are great distractions from what’s going around you, or caring so much about who may be observing what you’re doing in the gym. You can check out our blog on our selection of top fitness podcasts here. 

Finding a workout routine that you enjoy

Enjoying fitness is a mindset, you can enjoy it, you just need to find an approach that works for you and keeps you excited about coming back. We offer variety in every one of our classes, with stretch and tone, weight training and boxing sessions every week. When you find what works, you won’t look back.

There are over sixty classes a month offered by the team at SKPT, so why not get in touch or by email, Instagram or give us a call? Want to know more about how to look after your body and mind or for the latest info on our 6-week changers, check out our online shop or follow us for daily updates.