I remember the first time I tried to pick up weights in the gym.

I felt completely intimidated by weight training and I didn’t have a clue what weight to pick, or how weightlifting could enhance so much more than my endurance. Turns out, it improved my self-esteem, my outlook, my mental health and the confidence I had in myself to improve in every area of my life and push for more. Weight lifting can be seriously addictive, yet so many women that come into SKPT are surprised by the rush they get from gaining muscle and confidence after every session spent lifting weights. Not only the physical changes but the mental shift and the boost in their self-esteem, in turn as they become more controlled, confident and able to lift more or carry out more reps over time. A lot of our clients come to SKPT with a real barrier to overcome when considering incorporating weights into their exercise plan; many of them state that they’re scared or embarrassed about doing it wrong, picking the wrong amount of weight, causing injury or getting bulky by spending too much time around the squat rack. This week, we’ll dispel those myths in the hope that they will help you on your way to the ultimate natural high, leaving you willing and able to manage weights without fear as part of your regular routine.

What is weight training?

Weight training combines weighted objects such as dumbells, weighted plates and kettlebells to build endurance and muscles. It’s not always about lifting the heaviest thing there is. What’s important is focusing on form, the variety of equipment you can use to keep your workout interesting and how it makes you feel physically and mentally. It’s always important to check your posture with each technique to reduce the risk of injury and have somebody around to help spot you if you’re trying a particularly challenging weight for the first few times.

Common exercises you can do with weights

There are static and free weights to choose from, the idea of static weights is that the machine offers a limited but supportive range of movement- effectively helping your body learn to do the technique. Free weights mean they can be used in a wider range of exercises by the person training. Machines you might look for in the gym are: 


The Squat Rack

Smith Machine

Leg Press


Free weights could be:




Weighted balls 


Choosing the right weights

It’s always useful to have an idea of the muscle group you want to work on. Most free weights can be used for multiple body areas whilst static or fixed machines are normally for one muscle group. If you’re unsure, we always advise seeking the help of a professional to ensure the amount of weight and your technique are correct. Having the right form is essential to avoiding injury, but also to enhancing your enjoyment as well. Lifting weights is as much as mental stimulation as it is endurance – you don’t have to come away feeling wounded, it’s meant to be enjoyed and there is a difference between being challenged and feeling like you’ve overdone it!

Weight Training: Strategies and Techniques

As much as weight training is physical, it really shows you your mental limits and what you’re made of. There will be days that you feel like you’ve got nothing in the tank, and others when you pass through every challenge without feeling fatigued – it’s that part that keeps you coming back when you get to grips with weights because you’re able to mentally see how far you’ve come, not just by your physical shape and measurements.

There is nothing more rewarding than your own sense of self pride and the buzz of watching yourself develop personally in the gym will surely reflect in your work and home life too.



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