Exercise and Immune Health

Lots of research articles have cited the benefits of exercise in our daily lives; but what is the connection between exercise and our immune system? We all know movement across the spectrum of our abilities helps us in everyday life and can help lower the risk of disease and age-related declines over time. Exercise can increase oxygenated blood flow, reduce stress and support our flexibility, mobility and general wellbeing. The connection between physical and immune health, however, is relatively new to the public.

Movement Matters

Research in 2020 indicated, “that regular bouts of short-lasting (i.e. up to 45 minutes) moderate intensity exercise is beneficial for host immune defense, particularly in older adults and people with chronic diseases”.” So what is the connection between how we move, what we eat and our health?
Well, the first thing to recognise is that when we talk about our immune system, it is just that – a system, and a complex one; not just one single entity. The triad of looking after our health is the simplest first line of defence- especially as we get older. That means; eating well with food rich in protein, fibre and essential vitamins, exercising and securing an optimal amount of sleep. In turn, reducing stresses that may affect our sleep, preparing meals in advance to avoid junk food and ensuring we continue to move our bodies in ways we can in everyday life – lots of which can be free. Exercise doesn’t have to equate to a gym membership.

Germ Alert

Another 2000 research article found that “each bout of moderate physical activity promotes improved but transient immuno-surveillance and, when repeated on a regular basis, confers multiple health benefits including decreased illness incidence and dampened systemic inflammation.” Basically telling us that exercise, as long as it is sustained helps our body to survive and react in good time to ward off any bad bacteria or germs; but in order to keep doing it – we have to keep up the exercise.

Get Active

With that said, we work to support people every single day, to find a new lease of life, energy and most importantly – confidence in their ability to manage their own wellbeing. People join Sarah Kent Personal Training as a way to learn the mechanics of working out in a gym, to feel motivated again, and to overcome the fears they have about working out. What they gain is all of that and SO much more; don’t put off looking after yourself – it just means that you have more work to do as you get older!

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