Why You Probably Have No Gym Motivation and What to Do About It

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Find Your Gym Motivation We’re talking all about gym motivation in this article, which is hands down one of the top five things people come to SKPT for help to overcome. Whether they’ve stepped foot in a gym before or not, most people can experience feeling lacklustre at some point in their training plan. We’re […]

What is Strength Training?

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What people imagine when they hear the term ‘strength training’ might give Arnie Schwarzenegger vibes, but it isn’t all holding muscle poses and protein shakes. We’re here to talk a little bit more about the different types of strength training, the difference between strength and weight training, and why including it in your weekly workouts […]

Exercise: What You Need to Know Before Joining SKPT

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Anything new can be scary. Even if you’re not new to exercise, trying a new approach – or finding ways to renew an old one can take getting used to and practising. Often people say they are nervous about asking questions related to exercise – we say – ASK AWAY! It is the most effective […]

Fitness Myths Debunked!

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How many fitness myths and “facts” have you been told, or have you picked up over the years? Those golden rules about the best ways to lose weight and get fit? Hundreds? We certainly get asked lots of questions about the fitness myths clients have heard about weight loss and a lot of the work […]

How Counting Calories Can Lead to Overeating?

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  Okay, so let’s get this straight. Salads aren’t “bad”, or “good”. They’re not always the best or “healthiest” option. Nor are you likely to be full after eating a bowl of leaves. So it might blow your mind to hear this, but the binge that often follows the military precision with which you doled […]

Why Is Discipline Important to Fitness Success?

This week we’re talking about discipline and why it’s crucial if you’re ever going to be successful at maintaining optimum health. So here’s the scenario: the big bank holiday is approaching. You’ve been planning it for weeks with your mates. What you’ll wear, where you’ll go and most importantly how much you’re going to binge!  […]

Is Strength Training Just to Build Muscle?

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We always have people approach us at SKPT that want to join, but have fear or reservations about strength training and building too much muscle. Going into the gym and tackling weights for the first time, or even returning after a fitness hiatus can be tough – because well, strength training is tough. It requires […]

The Importance of Good Posture

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Training and being fit isn’t only about being in peak physical condition. There are a lot of benefits to the two for general day-to-day stamina and wellbeing but most people are leading a sedentary, lifestyle. Lifestyle and Posture Daily movement during labouring shifts and physical jobs aren’t as common the way they once were, meaning […]

How Do I Become an Overnight Success?

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Want top tips to make yourself an overnight success? Well, you’ve come to the wrong place. We’re all about reality at SKPT and that means your goals, your expectations and your mindset have to be prepared for failure! People ask us all the time, “I’m just not motivated at the minute what can I do?”, […]