The Benefits of Vitamins

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Whether you know your sea moss from your Spirulina, and your Maca’s to your Matcha’s, is it always clear when you should be taking vitamins and supplements, or if we need them at all whilst training? We’re here to dive in, understand a little bit more and break down if it’s actually needed when thinking about training!

Period Hacks

Weight lifting woman - Clean and press. Period hack

It may still come as a surprise, but never any less frustrating! The arrival of our monthly period can wreak havoc with our mindset, our motivation and our exercise regime. Here are some period hacks to help you out next time you’re ready to rage! Change up your exercise plan Rather than sacking off the […]

Health hacks: Myth busting

SKPT Training advice - Health hacks

Your Top 5 muscle myths answered! This week we’re myth-busting and sharing some health hacks! We get asked a lot of questions by our members, so we thought we’d cover some of them here. It can be really confusing to navigate exercise and diet changes on your own – there is a ton of conflicting […]