What Are the 5 Ways to Rest?

What Are the 5 Ways to Rest? Read on to find out how to truly restore your body! Most of us look forward to booking time off over the summer and have annual leave or holidays from our business. It’s usually jam-packed with things we wouldn’t normally get to do and plans to meet up […]

A Guide to Conquering Your Gym Anxiety

fear of the gym; conquering gym anxiety; fitness journey; building confidence; managing social anxiety; self-care

We’re here talking about anxiety this week, or “gymxiety” as many members have called it. Even if you’ve been going to the gym for ages, or it’s all new to you- you can still experience a sudden pang of anxiety about going to the gym or an exercise class. Sometimes the pressure of improving your […]

Why You Probably Have No Gym Motivation and What to Do About It

gym motivation; fitness goals; gym routine; workout strategies

Find Your Gym Motivation We’re talking all about gym motivation in this article, which is hands down one of the top five things people come to SKPT for help to overcome. Whether they’ve stepped foot in a gym before or not, most people can experience feeling lacklustre at some point in their training plan. We’re […]

Why Is Discipline Important to Fitness Success?

This week we’re talking about discipline and why it’s crucial if you’re ever going to be successful at maintaining optimum health. So here’s the scenario: the big bank holiday is approaching. You’ve been planning it for weeks with your mates. What you’ll wear, where you’ll go and most importantly how much you’re going to binge!  […]

Self-love this Valentine’s Day

Woman showing self- love

Time to Put Yourself First! It’s the month of love. How do you feel about it? It can be a time of division for those that love or hate it. Some people like the idea of dedicating a day to love and celebrating partners and the cheesy cuteness that overflows on the aisles in all the supermarkets. Others may see it as an excuse to show their nearest and dearest how much they care – celebrating the brilliance of friends that have your back and do an amazing job at cheering you on.

Mental Health and Motivation

Mental Health

Managing Your Mental Health: Why Movement Can Be the Key Ingredient Last month, I posted a video about mental health on Instagram with a cover picture of me upset. I think it’s fair to say it went VIRAL! Almost 2,000 views and counting…. I’d like to watch it, take me there! Want to keep reading […]