Why You Probably Have No Gym Motivation and What to Do About It

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Find Your Gym Motivation We’re talking all about gym motivation in this article, which is hands down one of the top five things people come to SKPT for help to overcome. Whether they’ve stepped foot in a gym before or not, most people can experience feeling lacklustre at some point in their training plan. We’re […]

Win Over the Kids with Your Summer Holiday Health Kick

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With the kids finishing school, parents are bracing themselves for a long, hot summer. We know that the stress of having the kids at home can be an easy way to derail our motivation and exercise can slip to the bottom of every parent’s list. We’re here to provide you with some easy and actionable […]

How Do I Become an Overnight Success?

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Want top tips to make yourself an overnight success? Well, you’ve come to the wrong place. We’re all about reality at SKPT and that means your goals, your expectations and your mindset have to be prepared for failure! People ask us all the time, “I’m just not motivated at the minute what can I do?”, […]

Mental Health and Motivation

Mental Health

Managing Your Mental Health: Why Movement Can Be the Key Ingredient Last month, I posted a video about mental health on Instagram with a cover picture of me upset. I think it’s fair to say it went VIRAL! Almost 2,000 views and counting…. I’d like to watch it, take me there! Want to keep reading […]