Top Tips for Training While on Holiday!

top tips woman on beach

Summer is finally here and we want you to keep living your best holiday life with these top tips, whilst making time for fitness. So here are some of our team’s holiday workout suggestions for you to continue on the path of life-changing thinking and a body you’re proud about whenever and wherever you hit […]

Fitness at Christmas: How to Still enjoy the Festivities

Fitness at Christmas: Woman holding weighted ball

Your guide to keeping on track this winter. Long nights, autumn leaves and a bed that just makes you want to hit that 7 am snooze. The winter season has arrived, so we’re giving you 5 simple ways to keep your body moving Plan for slowing down and adjust your meals accordingly; eating well in […]


Fitness resolutions: Woman doing situp

There is a lot of debate about New Years Resolutions and if they are even ‘the thing to do’ anymore. Without fail, when the clock strikes 12 on 31st December, thousands of people the world over vow to change their life through a new fitness regime. So what are those fitness resolutions actually doing for […]