Meet the team


Signing up for SKPT is so much more than a step in the right direction, it’s a chance to find yourself again. We’re inclusive, dynamic and approachable. We offer each and every member of the SKPT family the best network of support, helping you build a long- lasting lifestyle change, not just a fast- fix fitness fad!


The She-E-O

The audacious brains behind the SKPT brand- Sarah is the founder of the authentic lifestyle and fitness empire. After working in a number of mainstream gym chains, she decided to create a safe place for women to train that promoted healthy minds and healthy lifestyles- not just a healthy love for the gym! Her work with clients goes above and beyond what you would typically receive from a Personal Trainer, extending her support to really centre female empowerment.

At a glance

● Founder of SKPT
● Level 3 Personal Training


Teaching clients the methods behind the moves by incorporating lessons in physiology into each session. Sarah loves to arm clients with knowledge, so they are confident with technique whether they’re working with her 1-1, or training in a group. Above all, Sarah enjoys watching clients’ passion for fitness grow and seeing them transition mentally not just physically feeling better in themselves. She says; ‘It’s not just about the success of the business, I genuinely care, my intensions are pure & have been since day one… I only want the people that want it… the ones ready to do the work!’.

‘You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.’ – Zig Zaglar



The Motivator

Laura is known at SKPT as ‘The Motivator’. You think you know your limits? You haven’t seen anything yet! With a 4th Dan black belt in Ju Jitsu, Laura values nothing more than hard-work and discipline. She knows that nothing worth having comes easy and says, ‘There is no greater feeling than watching the amazing transformations of clients, into fearless, go- getters after a 6- week changer course’.

At a glance

● Level 3 Personal Training
● First Aider
● 4th Dan Black Belt Jiu jitsu


The drive and the energy she gives to every client, in every session! She says, ‘I’ve had clients walk in shaking before, with fear about what’s coming. People that walk in with no confidence and crying, but leave happy and in a damn better place than where they started. I like watching people grow, it will be the best decision you ever make!’.

‘You’ve gotta push yourself!’



The Brother

Growing up in Oldham, Greater Manchester, James’ first loves were football and boxing legends, (namely Prince Naseem and Mike Tyson). Becoming a fan of the technical styles and showmanship of both boxing greats, led him to pursue his own boxing education. Having graduated from the Hatton Academy, you can be sure James will put you through your paces. Infact, it’s a guarantee during a session with ‘The Muscle’, but he says; ‘Remember, boxing is as much about physical prowess as your state of mind. Time to get the gloves on!’.

At a glance

● Hatton Academy Boxing for Fitness Fundamentals Level 1
● Hatton Academy Boxing for Fitness Advanced Level 2
● Hatton Academy Boxing for Fitness Elite Level 3

(All accredited by the Register of Exercise Professionals, ActiveIQ, CIMSPA and the British Boxing Board of Control).


When you come into SKPT, what you get in that session goes beyond the training. James says: ‘Everyone’s different. I want to understand you and your life goals so I can help. People’s barriers to fitness go beyond physically being able to do something; it’s often about helping you to overcome your mental blocks. I will be there to help you with anything I can. Yes, you will learn about offence and defence, but I hope to bring you out of your shell as well!’.
‘Life is too short for negativity, stay positive.’


Bonafide Grill Master

The team wouldn’t be complete without introducing the face and flavour at SKPT headquarters. Jordan has a passion for fierce flavours and culinary creations, providing as many meals as clients need to meet their fitness goals. One of the biggest challenges for clients when considering how to manage their nutrition, is finding sensible food choices that still bring them joy! SKPT nutritionally balanced meal prep will change your life and your tastebuds.

At a glance

● Food & Hygiene Level 2


Known for whipping up a storm in the kitchen, Jordan is the face that brings together meal prep for clients and the public behind the scenes. Resident chef for SKPT, he works culinary creativity into calorie counted meals. Adding some flavour to your fitness regime!




Liam’s life experience has left him bouncing back from adversity more than once. His ability to overcome situations that would make others falter means he quickly adapts to the pace and needs of his clients. His position in the SKPT family as the ‘growth coach’ is down to his positive outlook and mindset. As the saying goes “grow through what you go through”. With a positive approach and ‘can-do’ attitude, any session you have with Liam will leave you feeling lighter, brighter and going for goals you didn’t even know you had!

At a glance

● Hatton Academy Boxing for Fitness Fundamentals Level 1

● Hatton Academy Boxing for Fitness Advanced Level 2


Liam’s focus and attention to detail when teaching, prioritising the goals and motivations members share with him is his speciality. He says “It's nice to be in their comfort zone. People’s focus is what I listen to, adapting and tending to their needs. We’re able to provide an outlet for the members to hone in on what they want to achieve and help them reach their goals”.

‘A champion is someone who gets up when they can’t.’ – Jack Dempsey