Top Tips for Training While on Holiday!

top tips woman on beach

Summer is finally here and we want you to keep living your best holiday life with these top tips, whilst making time for fitness. So here are some of our team’s holiday workout suggestions for you to continue on the path of life-changing thinking and a body you’re proud of whenever and wherever you hit […]

Our recommendations: Top 3 Fitness Podcasts

gym woman in pose

This week we’ve been taking time to do a bit of self-directed learning and listening to fitness podcasts. Podcasts are a great way to be introduced to new industry developments and general health and wellbeing guidance in an easily digestible way. First up is another woman in the fitness biz – Natasha Wakefield, creator of […]

Is Strength Training Just to Build Muscle?

Man building muscle on leg press

We always have people approach us at SKPT that want to join, but have fear or reservations about strength training and building too much muscle. Going into the gym and tackling weights for the first time, or even returning after a fitness hiatus can be tough – because well, strength training is tough. It requires […]

Health hacks: Myth busting

SKPT Training advice - Health hacks

Your Top 5 muscle myths answered! This week we’re myth-busting and sharing some health hacks! We get asked a lot of questions by our members, so we thought we’d cover some of them here. It can be really confusing to navigate exercise and diet changes on your own – there is a ton of conflicting […]