We are a Private Gym – (not an “open to general public – commercial” gym).

The best thing about our job is watching people’s beliefs change and their confidence grow. The physical transformation is just the icing on the cake.
At SKPT our clients age ranges from 21-60.

We have the tools, knowledge & guidance to help anyone no matter their ability or age. Our main priority is to keep you well & get you the results you require.

We are not only dedicated to get your eating & training on track
but, instead, we have made it a more of a lifelong lifestyle change. We are passionate about fitness and focused on RESULTS. This is how we have earned our reputation…we are not interested in working with anyone who gives us 70% effort. This is nothing personal but we would rather keep our reputation and work with people who are committed to seeing results and making ultimate life changes.

We have the keys to open the right doors, however, accountability of you walking through it is fundamental.
Remember you don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

We are obsessed with improving what we offer, We eat, sleep and breathe what we do. We are on hand 24/7,not just in the gym.

Our services range from, 6 week changer courses, to 1-2-1 personal training. Our group client base is our most successful
course, this course has been perfected for over 4 years to be something way more than just a 6 week course! – Our nutrition adviser will take care of what you do outside of the gym no matter what service you choose from us, we will always have your back.

“We are a family. As sentimental as this may sound, it is also very true. Between the trainers and the SKPT members, We have created an environment where everyone roots for each other.”

SKPT was setup by one individual who previously trained people for free in their spare time, because they are so passionate about performance and improving the human body. We are constantly driven by the incredible sense of happiness we feel when we help someone achieve their goals – no matter if they’re an athlete or a middle-aged mum.

We believe that anyone can positively change themselves and their bodies, and we will go above & beyond to ensure that each and every person who enters our premises leaves feeling fulfilled, more confident, and healthier.

We listen, advise and then coach with a specific goal in mind. We are here to get a very specific job done. We hope this has given you an insight into the passion we feel for our services.

If we’ve got that across, we’ve managed to show you one of the biggest and most important traits you should be looking for in a personal trainer. If you’re still not sure about our energy, and how powerful we are, contact us
& ask any questions you may wish to.

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